Relationship between central corneal thickness and time duration of glaucoma.

Faiza Akhtar, Muhammad Suhail Sarwar, Muhammad Arslan Ashraf


BACKGROUND: Determination of CCT in patients with glaucoma is very critical, as it has a great impact on IOP values, which is a very important parameter in the diagnosis of glaucoma. The purpose of this study was to estimate mean central corneal thickness (CCT) of glaucomatous patients and to determine whether there is any relationship between CCT with time duration of glaucoma.

OBJECTIVE: Comparison between the changes in CCT (central corneal thickness) and the duration of glaucoma in glaucomatous patients visiting Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: CCT values were measured in 298 eyes of 149 patients visiting in Mayo hospital Lahore. The parameters compared were central corneal thickness and duration of glaucoma. CCT was done with ultrasonic pachymeter and duration of onset of glaucoma was asked from patients.

RESULTS: The mean central corneal thickness of patients having glaucoma from 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 year is 535.16±42.81µ (Standard error, SEM=5.191), 542.81±38.50µ (SEM=5.068), 539.30±32.58µ (SEM=4.01), 535.04±46.46µ (SEM=9.11), 562±66.66µ (SEM=12.5), 545.04±42.92µ (SEM=8.42), 535.38 ±15.05µ (SEM=5.32), 554.20 ±24.34µ (SEM=7.60), 550.33±61.61µ (SEM=5.15) and 558.50±15.71µ (SEM=5.50) respectively. There is no statistical difference between CCT in the different duration of glaucoma (p=0.654).

CONCLUSION: It is concluded that there is no correlation between CCT and duration of glaucoma (p>0.05). 

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