Visual outcome after complicated cataract extraction in uveitis

Asim Mehmood, Abdul Rehman, Idrees Ahmad, Irfan Qayyum, Mumtaz Hussain


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine the frequency of good visual outcome after cataract extraction of complicated cataracts due to uveitis. Methods and Design: 115 patients were selected in eye OPD and admitted in the ward. Informed consent was taken. Ocular examination included visual acuity with and without correction. All the patients were operated for extracapsular cataract extraction with intra ocular lens implantation by single surgeon. Follow up visit were done after one week, 3 weeks and final acuity was taken after six weeks postoperatively. Visual acuity of the patients was checked with Snellen’s chart on each visit. Results: Best corrected visual acuity after six week was ranged from CF to 6/9. 26 eyes (22.6%) attained good visual acuity (6/6 – 6/18), 73 eyes (63.5%) attained border line visual acuity (6/18 – 6/60) and 16 eyes (13.9%) attained poor visual acuity (<6/60). Conclusion: Cataract surgery in complicated cataracts improves visual acuity as well as helps in management of posterior segment complications.