Knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) regarding contact lens use among people of different literacy levels.

Sania Arif, Arif Hussain


BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitude and practice of contact lens users regarding different aspects of contact lens hygiene among people having different literacy levels (illiterate, matric, graduate and postgraduate).

METHOD: A Comparative cross sectional study was conducted among contact lens users. The study consists of detailed interview of contact lens users of both genders with different literacy levels using soft contact lenses. They were asked to fill a questionnaire to assess and analyze their compliance behavior regarding contact lens care.

RESULTS: There were 96% females and 4% males in the sample of 96. 92% of participants regularly washed hands before handling contact lens. 47% participants never rinsed contact lenses. Participants from high literacy levels frequently cleaned contact lens cases but 60% users from lower literacy levels never rinsed them. 60% replaced contact lens solution as per recommended schedule. Almost 90% participants never swam and slept with contact lens in eye, never used tap water to rinse it and never exchanged contact lenses with any one. 70% participants never had an eye infection.

CONCLUSION: A considerable number of participants show noncompliant behavior due to lack of proper guidelines and recommendations by eye care professionals or unfollowing of exact contact lens wear and care steps by participants. This non-compliant behavior is mostly shown by lower literacy levels. So better education, awareness programs and proper guidance may change wearers’ behavior and attitude towards contact lens use.

KEYWORDS: Contact lenses, literacy levels, knowledge, attitude.


contact lenses, literacy levels, knowledge, attitude

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