Measure of Central Corneal Thickness in Normal Pakistani Population & Age matched comparison

Kanwal Anjum, Asad Aslam Khan, Muhammad Suhail Sarwar


Objective: Main objective of this study was to find the reference value of Central Corneal Thickness (CCT) in normal Pakistani population and its use in clinical practice. Method: Ultrasound based pachymeter and topical anesthesia was used to measure the central corneal thickness of adults more than 22 years of age and compared with a standard age matched population. Results: CCT was recorded of all 55 persons, and 110 eyes excluding people with other refractive errors and ocular problems. Central corneal thickness was recorded of these people according to their age groups. CCT of left eye is more than the CCT of right eye, and the mean central corneal thickness of all age groups is 543±14 microns. Conclusion: Mean CCT in normal Pakistani population is very close to the international value of CCT that is 545±12 microns. If it is less or more than this range then the people may be of high risk for other problems such as glaucoma. In these cases measuring the CCT can prove to be an important parameter in critical decisions especially for accurate measurement of IOP.