Changes in Amount of Tears with Reproductive Cycle in Normal Adult Females

Sharmeen Shahid, Muhammad Azam Khan


Objective: To explore the changes in tear film with different phases of the female reproductive cycle. METHODS: A descriptive type cross sectional study was carried out with the assistance of self-designed proforma on sample size of 30 female volunteers (60 eyes) having normal reproductive cycle. Age ranged from 17 to 34 years. Every participant was examined in each (menstrual, follicular, ovulational and luteal) phase of menstrual cycle, with Schirmer strips. Friedman Post HOC test for several related samples were applied. RESULTS: Mean tear production was 13.4±3.57mm, 9.23±3.91mm, 12.97±3.22mm and 13.37±2.95mm in menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal phase respectively. Tears levels were significantly low in follicular phase with p<0.0001. CONCLUSION: Tear production rate varied during the four different phases of reproductive cycle. Tear production rate is lowest in follicular phase of reproductive cycle. So clinicians should consider this factor in the females of respective age group presenting with dry eye symptoms.

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